How to Understand Polls

Everyone is publishing polls and surveys: the media, organizations, associations, government agencies, private companies, educational institutions – you name it – on everything.

This site lets you test a survey. You can easily calculate the statistical uncertainty and see if the conclusions are reliable. You will also find advice on how to understand and communicate the results correctly.

Only valid and representative surveys should be tested. In fact, many surveys and polls lack validity. That means they’re wrong. For a variety of reasons: poor wording of questions; biased samples not representing the population. Make sure the survey is valid before using the calculators.

The site is a supplement to our book “En ny undersøgelse viser – eller gør den?” (A New Survey Shows – or Does It?, so far published only in Danish). Our book shows you how to set up, carry out, analyze, and communicate a poll from a journalist’s point of view.

We hope you will find our site useful even without the book.